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Similar to acupuncture the points are used, but do not include the insertion of needles,  therapeutic effects can be achieved when pressure is applied to the body with fingers, palms and elbows.  This modality is useful for patients who are sensitive or fearful of needles and is especially good for children and infants.


When using an electro acupuncture machine we add small clips to the ends of the acupuncture needles for stimulation, similar to a TENS machine.  Well controlled electrical impulses are sent through the needles and closely adjusted to maintain patients comfort.  Electro acupuncture can be an effective modality to speed up the recovery of musculoskeletal conditions.


Cupping creates a negative pressure as the cups are attached to the skin.  The cups facilitate moving old or stagnated blood to the surface to be processed faster by the body and replaced with new blood to encourage healing.  With different styles of cupping such as moving (sliding), stationary, flash (where the cup is momentarily placed on the skin repeatedly) and bleeding (the skin is broken with a single use needle and a cup is placed over top).


These can be applied to the skin to treat pain and skin conditions among a variety of other ailments.  They can also be used as a medium for cupping, guasha and tui-na.


Tui na is a form of Chinese Massage that can be administered while the patient is fully clothed or under a towel or direct to the skin with massage oil.  There is a variety of techniques such as smoothing, grasping, circular rubbing, pressing and rolling, with the use of fingers, palms, forearm and elbows.  This is also a great modality for children and infants.


A Gua sha tool is a flat hand held tool often made from horn, crystals or pounamu with various shapes and is used to apply medium pressure over oiled skin to increase blood flow, stimulate the lymphatic system and meridians in the body.  Often used in Facial Rejuvenation.


While considering the fundamentals of TCM lifestyle advice may be given to improve your treatment.  These may be exercises (usually gentle - Tai Chi), sleeping advice or advice on how to live harmoniously with the seasons.

Acupuncture Traditional Chinese herbal m


Or Moxa is a Chinese Herb - Mugwort, that is burnt near the skin to provide a deep warmth and expel Cold.  There are different ways to administer moxa.  A 'moxa box' can be used with small moxa cones being lit in a box and warmth is administered to an area.  A moxa stick may be held by the practitioner and used to warm acupuncture points.  Direct moxa can be applied using moxa that is rolled into a small ball and is placed directly on the skin or over a slice of ginger or salt which is lit.  The moxa is quickly removed once the patient feels warmth.


This is used to warm an area and is often applied where there is stagnation.  Chinese Medicine believe that where there is stagnation there is pain.  Ice or Cold stops the movement of Qi and Blood which encourages stagnation, this is why 'Heat' is often used in treatment to help clear the channels or meridians..

AURICULAR SEEDS: When treating with microsystems, ear seeds can be placed on points on the ears to help prolong the treatment you have received in the clinic.  These are left in place for as long as the patient finds then comfortable, usually 2-3 days.

Swedish Massage


In Chinese Medicine the energetic property of food is considered including their cooking style and how this impacts your body.  Advice is given for what foods are suitable for your individual diagnosis.  Nutrition is the basis for TCM with no single diet being the perfect fit for everybody.