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How to enjoy Winter!

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Some useful tips to help your survive the colder months.

Do you find that some people thrive in Winter enjoying the cooler weather, skiing and winter walks. While others not so much, this change of season often bringing with it coughs and colds, and a feeling of being down due to the reduced sunlight.

The good news is Winter can be enjoyed if we live, eat and exercise according to the seasons.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Winter is regarded as Yin, it is considerd the time of dormancy and rest before the emergence of Spring when Yin soon turns to Yang energy. Winter is a great time to for us to rest and reflect internally, meditate or join a Tai Chi or Qi Gong class. It is the perfect time to slow down, be more ‘Yin’ with your activites, getting more sleep by going to bed earlier and sleeping later.

To live within the seasons is an important principle in TCM. #seasonalliving

Try these abundant foods in Winter.

Food that naturally grows in winter are most suited to our diet during this season. Having access to foods that are out of season due to pesticides are one of the more detrimental aspects of our modern diet. Try to enjoy more of these seasonal fruit and vegetables such as pumpkin, kumara, winter greens, carrots, mushrooms, apples and pears.  

Foods that generally take a longer time to cook are most beneficial, warming soups made with rich stocks (cooked with animal bones preferably).  

Winter in TCM is associated with the Kidneys which holds our most basic fundamental energies. To specifically nourish the Kidneys try foods such as; kidney beans, black beans, broths cooked with bones, chicken, lamb, walnuts, black sesame seeds and dark leafy vegetables.

If you are feeling the winter blues don't forget to adjust your diet to season or come into clinic; if its right for you moxibustion is a great way to warm the body along with the use of the heatlamp and fire cupping. TCM is also a great way to help with lingering coughs and colds or as a immune support for your return to health!

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